Ordinary people discovering extraordinary potential through

Personal Development.


We can introduce you to the best system bar none, to help you achieve abundant wealth above and beyond your most impossible dream. Fewer and fewer dreams will seem impossible as you strive towards your

full potential, towards the ultimate in your personal development.


To find out more about the Personal Development course and  business opportunity that we offer, please fill out and submit the email form below and I will contact you within 24 hours to give you an insight into what we are offering. Please be assured, your email address is secure with me....you have my personal guarantee...Viv Barnes.


Where do you spend most of your time? Is it making money for someone else’s life style or do you have the discipline to organise  your own time and spend some of it taking pictures like these.

Team “Onward and Upward” is looking forward to hearing from you.  Because you have determination and commitment, a really sound work ethic and have the desire to work with and help others, please go to the contact box above and send the email that may change your world forever.


Disclaimer - No results are represented or guaranteed in any way for any participant. Some Associates may not be successful at all in this Program.. No person earns any income solely for enrolling others in the program. Any experience shared may be unique to the individuals sharing them and should not be taken as assurances of success for others. Results of participation may vary widely.

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The foundation of this business is an eternal truth.


You can BE anything you want to be.

You can DO anything you want to do.

You can HAVE anything you want to have.


This has been the LAW since the beginning of time.


We have simply lost sight of how to live within and profit from this LAW.


Are You ready to grasp this Ancient Knowledge?


We are committed to guiding and help all who desire the knowledge, who will be persistent and energetic in learning it.


Once you understand that the key lies in your own thought, you will find the learning curve is much less steep than you expected.  Instead it becomes a joyous experience with rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

A Foundational Truth.

*    We have no connection with any MLM or Pinnacle marketing company.  We do not have uplines or downlines or mess about drawing lines and circles on whiteboards.


*    You do not have to attain some far-off hierarchy level before you can start to earn a handsome income while still a very new Associate.


*    You will be paid directly by your customer, retaining your commission and only then forwarding the balance to the company.   Your commission will be the major component of the total payment.


*    The size of the income you can expect magnifies the tax advantage of working for yourself.


*    You will not need expensive equipment.  Just a laptop computer, a mobile phone and printer will start you off.  You can graduate to the odd extra gizmo and marketing scheme, but that’s up to you. You’ll be able to afford a few extra toys after a short while.  

Here Are Some Facts About

This Opportunity.


New car? Yes! Yes!maybe?


Do you struggle with college fees?

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Hi! I’m Viv Barnes.  My wife, Joy and I warmly welcome you to our  site and also to the quest for success in our lives.  The words ONWARD AND UPWARD are the theme of both.  We would love you to join us on the journey.

We don’t claim to have achieved the ultimate yet, but we KNOW WE KNOW how to travel and that we will reach the end of the journey.  Hopefully with you there beside us.

Success means different things to different people.  A variety of ingredients of which one is common to almost everyone, wealth.  WEALTH, in various degrees,  is seen by nearly all of us as an essential contributor to our further happiness.

“They” say money doesn’t grow on trees.  I wonder how they guessed!

What it does do though, is flow toward those who have a burning DESIRE for money, together with unwavering PERSISTENCE in the quest for it and who THINK up a detailed and feasible plan to acquire it and implement the plan with unfailing ENERGY.

Those four highlighted words crop up over and over again in the writings of every success “Guru” that has ever lived and himself been successful. They are not the complete definition of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.  They were not meant to be. But they do go some way towards describing our principal business which is just that:  Personal Development with the ultimate goal of wealth creation and the reward of knowing that it was achieved by the RIGHT METHODS.